Studio build from Edwin de Graham Ltd

The design of your new Studio is a very important matter. It must work, but also it has to be somewhere that you will want to work, to be inspired.

That is why when we design a Studio we look at the building to see how it is built, are there features that can be retained?
Will the shape work? Is there enough room to fit in equipment? What will the Studio be used for? These and a lot more questions need to be considered. Sometimes we may have to do some testing to see how the building will perform. From this we can determine how much isolation is needed.


We can produce 3-d sketches in colour to show what your Studio will look like when finished.
Once happy and decided upon a design we can produce the working drawings, taking account of all statutory requirements such as CDM, Planning permission, or Consent to Building Regulations, and if the project is notifiable, HSE notification.

As a lot of our Clients are unfamiliar with official requirements. We take care of these details so you can avoid the stress of falling foul of officialdom.
Remember, if you want to know how Professional the Company you are dealing with is, ask them what are your obligations as a Client under CDM.