Studio build from Edwin de Graham Ltd

Building a Recording Studio can be a daunting task. However, if you are determined to do some of the work yourself here's how we can help.

We can:

  • Project Manage and act as Planning Supervisors. - Don't forget - the legalities are just as important as the 'techie' bit.
  • Specify the equipment. And of course, help to find it!
  • Design the rooms & acoustics - If you want somewhere you will actually enjoy working!
  • Construct the rooms & acoustics - Please don't let Bob the Builder do it!!!!!!
  • Supply the equipment. Due to some excellent contacts we can do some great deals.
  • Design the wiring.
  • Manufacture the wiring.
  • Install the wiring.

Our involvement can be as much or as little of the above as you require.

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