Studio build from Edwin de Graham Ltd
Acoustic Panels
These pictures show our standard Acoustic panel, which is available in any size up to 1000mm x 2400mm, and in a range of colours sure to match your existing décor.
Our panels can be wall or ceiling mounted with change of position or coverage being adjustable in moments, and without tools.
The panels seen here were made to cover windows in a Studio where the Client wanted to be able to let in as much light as possible at times, whilst also being able to cover the windows when necessary for maximum absorption.
Panel thickness will vary according to application, but on average are 80mm thick.
Special Shapes
Certain shaped panels can be produced for a more ‘Artistic’ effect, sometimes at no extra cost.
Bass Traps
So you’ve got too much Bass in the mix eh?
That’s a problem we should be able to rectify with some of our custom made Bass Traps.
Why ‘Custom’ made?
The particular frequencies you might need treating will need particular sizes of trapping. The size of room you have will dictate the size of the trap required.
For example, if you have a small room we will need to spread a shallow trap over the wall.
If you have a large room we should be able to make a smaller box covering less wall space, but making the box deeper.
Our Bass traps are also available in a wide range of colours to suit your décor.
Why we don’t sell foam
These pictures show what happens to foam so-called ‘Acoustic tiles’. The oldest tiles in these pictures were applied to the Studio ceiling four years ago to treat an over-live room. As can be seen the structure of these tiles has broken down turning them into dust.
The overalls and mask protecting our operative are not for effect, the dust produced in removal was potentially a health hazard.
Originally approximately 70 tiles had been used to cover the ceiling, with some falling off over the years and being replaced, each costing £5 to £15 depending on supplier. Quite an expensive waste of money!
I want some, and I want to make an enquiry now!